Core Values & Beliefs

Core Values

Integrity – Continue to build respectful relationships that cultivate trust and reliance on service and quality.

Reliability – Provide the competitive advantage to our customer through unparalleled quality and delivery performance.

Operational Excellence – Create the standard for manufacturing and quality, driven to a continued pursuit to perfection.

Innovation – Providing leading edge engineering support and collaboration with both the customer and supply partnerships.


SFP Hydraulics, Inc. recognizes the need for continuous improvement processes as being critical towards driving an effective Quality Management System, which covers the:

  • identification, reduction, and elimination of process waste
  • empowerment of the employee to suggest improvements that impact their respective processes
  • emphasis on incremental, continual improvement steps rather than giant leaps, which will help evolve our Quality Management System

SFP Hydraulics, Inc. sees Kaizen events as critical to:

  • drive improvements, which are based on many small changes rather than the radical changes
  • generate ideas that come from the talents of our existing workforce
  • encourage workers to take ownership for their work, and help reinforce team working, thereby improving worker motivation