SFP Hydraulics, Inc.



SFP Hydraulics, Inc. has amassed global industry experts with experience exceeding 25 years. The team consist of leading talent to include Assembly Technicians, Manufacturing Management, Quality Control, HSE, Supply Chain, Engineering, Commercial, Finance, and Executive Management.

All team members have been specifically recruited based on their knowledge, respect and proven history in the business.

Core Values
Integrity – Continue to build respectful relationships that cultivate trust and reliance on service and quality.
Reliability – Competitive advantage to our customer through unparalleled quality and delivery performance.
Operational Excellence – Build best in class manufacturing, creating a continued pursuit to improvement.
Innovation – Leading edge engineering support and collaboration with both the customer and supply partners.

Mission Statement
To provide value added solutions reducing costs, ensuring safety and improving performance for all integrated hydraulic systems. To create the standard in quality, process and innovation while remaining loyal to the commitment of service to the customer.

Markets include but not limited to

Applications include but not limited to
-Energy storage
-Shock absorption
-Pulsation dampening
-Thermal expansion
-Suction stabilizing